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Confused with hundreds of different massage techniques?
We focus on the individual needs of the customer, in order to give the best massage at the appropriate time. Whether that is a relaxing full body massage; some deep techniques on certain body regions like lower back or neck/shoulder; or a painfree massage, we will cater to your requests.

Physiotherapy uses a variety of techniques to improve your wellbeing. Common problems like sporting injuries, back and neck pain, breathing difficulties, neurological conditions and restricted joint  mobility can be treated. Before any treatment our in house western trained Physiotherapist will asses your condition to develop a treatment plan with you. Therapeutic Massages, joint manipulation, Triggerpoint work, special exercises as well advice how you can help yourself might be part of your treatment here in the Johwara hotel.

Lymphatic drainage/massage?
The lymphatic network of vessels and ducts is the body`s natural “flushing mechanism”. It is responsible for moving toxins away from healthy cells and activates the immune system. Lymphatic massage is not only used to cure swelling (a common sign for an inefficient lymphatic system) after surgeries of injuries. The scientific proven detox effect of this kind of massage makes it a perfect treat in your wellness program. The soft rhythmic massages strokes are very relaxing for the client.

Apart from therapies mentioned above, you can also join us for or contact us about:

• lomi lomi hawaiin massage
• reflexology
• reiki
• yoga

massage room Hotel Jowhara

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